Tips for Team Building

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Teamwork is when you need more than one person to accomplish a common goal with equal interest and effort. It is the cohesiveness among the teammates to achieve productive results. No wonders why it is the driving power behind all successful and established organizations. Today we will bring forward the success formula behind effective teamwork and the most sought after tips for building a team that is sure to click.

What Makes Teamwork Effective?

Making teamwork effective is not an esoteric magic. The following two factors pave the way to take the leap from being just a team to an effective team

1. Strong Leadership


Leadership at the Speed of Change

A leader is the driving force in a team. He is the one that everyone aspires to become and it automatically brings forth the dedication, hard work and will-power to strive for betterment-from every member and enhances the team performance to the next level.

Now, a leader has to be down-to-earth person. He must be approachable anytime when his expertise is needed by his team members. He must carefully listens to all the inputs and give enough and equal attention to all members and not partial to some which might, otherwise, give rise to destructive internal collisions in a team.

At the same time, he must be flexible i.e. he must exercise his authority over his team only when it is needed and at times he needs to let go of the team with the flow. A strong leader constructively resolves all necessary conflicts that arise among team members. Furthermore, appreciation and recognition of good work from the leader is a powerful tool for maintaining an effective teamwork.

2. Clarity and Participation


How People Affect Your Success

Clarity of roles and responsibilities highly boosts the performance of a team as a whole. Everyone’s role must be clearly mentioned but a good team player would go the distance to perform more than his allotted role.  All confusions and misunderstandings must be clarified with immediate attention. Innovative and creative works should always be appreciated and encouraged. Everyone must clearly understand how they are contributing individually towards the common goal of the team.

Everyone’s participation in solving a critical problem results in effective teamwork. Feedback from members about how to improve further from current state should always be welcomed. Open communication should be there between team members and all must be treated equally irrespective of how large and little is his contribution in the team. Regular meeting must be held to discuss the progress in work both individually as well as team as a whole.Besides, a healthy and effective environment to work with mental peace and satisfaction is essential for effective teamwork.

Tips For Team Building

Building a team that will really click is a tedious task and does not happen overnight. But the following guidelines help to make the best possible team with available resources.

  • Select The Correct Leader:  Someone who can walk the talk and not someone who believes only in going orders and pressurizing members to try and extract the best out of the team members.
  • Clear Division Of Roles And Responsibilities: The plan of action must be clearly defined and chalked out with the team leader before choosing the team members so as to get the ideas how many members are required and who are best to perform a particular role.
  • Select Responsible Team Members: Before including someone in the team, he/she must be briefed out his/her role and responsibility and whether he/she agrees to take that up with full satisfaction. Only when someone is satisfied with the responsibility he/she is bestowed with, can one deliver the peak performance.
  • Open Communication: Proper communication channel is vital for the growth of a team. All must be equal including leader and must be available and approachable when needed. With the implementation of open communication, everyone can open up with every problem they face in regular meeting and with everyone’s participation all problems can be solved in creative way with the best suggestion received.
  • Suitable Environment: Suitable work culture and work environment are essential for a team to coordinate properly and act cohesively. It is the duty of the organization and leader to maintain and supervision the environment and conflict must be resolved constructively.

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