Examples For Problem Solving

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LetsGoBoldly-examples-for-problem-solvingAnalytical problem solving skills is an important job skill. There is no company or organization that doesn’t depend on problem solving abilities to keep their business moving forward. Those with good problem solving skills will generally move up the corporate ladder quicker. For improving problem solving skills , once the problem is identified , we need to look at that problem or issue from different angles . We can try to gather facts related to the problem, and to recall previous solutions that would or could apply.

1. Planning


Plan for Success

Write down and discuss the problem individually or in groups , and to include all the points of the problem so that you can see the problem more clearly. Using creative ways to illustrate/discuss the problem and its points are important.

2. PinPoint


Make Time Your Ally

 It is important to understand how to define the problem in their own way. To show how to effectively break down the main problem into smaller units or pieces. This process will then help to time manage/self manage regarding the problem that needs to be solved.

3. Analyze


Self Improvement

Once there is a clear understanding of each piece of the bigger problem ( which is often achieved by using the Pinpoint steps ) , with use of various examples that illustrate the type of problem solving process required . It is important to take the time to research the ‘causes of the problem’ individually or in groups.

4. Creativity


Boost your Creativity

To begin brainstorming for ideas or solutions to the problem, individually or in groups , it is important that they are encouraged to look at the problem objectively, socially, culturally, theoretically and/or scientifically.

5. Innovation


Why You Probably Wont Succeed

To adapt new and latest technology and information available is the best way to innovate and search for solution of an ongoing or a potential problem. The problem may have been encountered by somebody and the solution is available just for the taking , maybe. Or then we may get some guidance or help to solve.

6. Unbiased


Unconsciously Give Advice to Your Future 

The approach for solution has to based on facts and witnesses available and should not be biased , or emotionally effected as the result could be disastrous in future.

7. Open Minded


Problem Solving Skills of a Leader

To be able to listen to others and accept the views of others by being open minded is a great skill for a Problem Solver as that helps to solve problem faster as there are or could be others who have a different point of view from yours to the problem and that could be the solution you are looking for.

8. Motivated


Ways to Get and Stay Motivated

The person has to be full of energy and motivation with a positive thought process and always looking for solutions to the problems. One who is motivated , will always motivate others too to be active and participate in resolving issues faced at any given time.

9. Evaluator


Positive Thinking Affirmations

The person must be a very good evaluator and thinker. He must have the energy to analyze the problem , understand the options available and best possible way for a long term solution to the problem.

10. Open To Challenge


The Challenges We Face

This means the person should be open and acceptable to challenges of the problem arisen and find out ways and means to solve the same with or without participation of others.

The development of problem-solving skills is, and should be, constantly challenged in any environment . Unpacking the micro skills required to develop problem-solving skills, devising activities as formative tasks, creating rubrics, using these as a basis for deep-level discussion are all ways to ensure that we are aware of problem-solving skills .

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