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A coconut seller was selling coconut water in a busy street.
A man came and asked the price. The coconut vendor said 30 rupees each after chipping the upper part and 25 rupees  if not chipped .

The man thought for a while and he said let me chip it myself and save 5 rupees.
   The coconut seller further gave an idea and said you will save another 5 rupees if u go directly to my wholesaler.

The customer went to the wholesaler, who again gave a option. He said, if u go to the coconut groove, u will get at 15 each. The customer decided to directly go to the coconut groove and he was told by the farmer that if you climb the tree , u can pluck at 10 each.
He climbed and in the mid of his climb he fell down from the tree.
Sadly he was not having any medical insurance as did not have any advisor to advice and spent totally 4000 rupees for this treatment .

Finally decided that lets buy only through a proper channel and finally met that coconut seller, paid 30 rupees and enjoyed his coconut water.

Conclusion : 
You can always try to buy insurance products online and try to save money but……think it before buy online insurance policy after claim who provide the service?

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